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From the age of 2 Callum always loved riding his bike; starting with a wooden trike, then a battery powered motorbike before learning to ride his push bike. He then pestered his parents to buy him a real motorbike. He had this for Christmas 1999 when he was 5. There was no looking back with Callum, going from strength to strength winning Club Championships with the Warley Wasps and competing at a National level around the UK. Towards the end of 2009 he progressed from the 85BW class to the 250 class, riding a KTM 150SX. This started off very well until his accident.

Callum’s other love was freestyle BMX riding, which he did since the age of 10. He went through numerous BMX bikes, his last one being a MacNeil Bibi he custom built. At every opportunity Callum went out with his friends to find new jumps and challenges.

In the Summer of 2009 he won a competition at Quarry Bank skate park by doing a back flip, much to the amazement of the West Midlands Police personnel that were there and had arranged the competition. Other tricks in his repertoire included 360`s, turndowns and Superman.

Unfortunately Callum’s life changed on the 15th February 2010. Whilst out with his friends during the half term break at Wolverley, Nr Kidderminster, Cal was doing his trademark trick - a back flip - when his feet slipped off the pedals. Because he was upside down and it happened so quickly, he was unable to put his arms out for protection. He landed heavily, head first onto the ground. This resulted in him crushing his spine between c3 and c5, breaking 3 bones in his neck and severing his spinal cord. The paramedics were called by his friends and he was taken, on a spinal board, to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. There he underwent operations to strengthen his spine by inserting titanium plates to give his shattered vertebrae chance to heal.

At Birmingham Children’s Hospital Callum was highly sedated and on life support, so was unaware of what had happened and the extent of his injury. His outlook wasn’t good. The family was told that Callum would need support with his breathing for the rest of his life. Two weeks after been told this Callum was taken off the ventilator and given 24 hours to see if he could breath on his own, to everyone’s surprise Callum was able to breathe unaided, and still does today. The next few months were very hard for him, having to cope with the truth about the accident and to go through rehabilitation - which was extremely hard. His weight had gone from 9 stone to just over 5 stone, so his family kept treating him to McDonalds to try and get his weight back up. Callum struggled coping with his new lifestyle, from being someone who was on a bike 7 days a week to someone who could not do anything for himself.

'No one could believe that in as little as six months Callum Loveridge, who was so cruelly paralysed in mid February 2010, had moved from Hospital back to the family home'

Having reached a plateau in his rehabilitation at Oswestry Spinal Injuries Unit he was transferred to Russells Hall Hospital for a short period while the family home was adapted to meet his very special requirements. Callum has since transferred his rehabilitation to Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury, where he visits regularly.

Since being back at home in a ‘normal’ environment he has been able to continue with his life. Friends are able to drop in and see him regularly, and he visits the Trails near by with friends. Callum in now pursuing a design business with his adapted laptop from home, which was his goal before his accident. Although this is much harder for him since his accident, he enjoys a challenge.

Callum remained very positive throughout this traumatic time and the strength and desire he has shown should be an example to us all. He is well aware that the path that lies ahead will be long and arduous but he still remains very positive that he will reclaim his independence.

Adrian, Callum’s Father, has been made aware of the advanced stage of stem cell research into spinal injuries in America, and permission has very recently been granted for scientists to carry out stem cell testing on humans. The family has also been looking at intense physiotherapy in America, which also has outstanding results. Adrian remains very positive that this will be instrumental for Callum’s independence in the future.

“With the support of Callum’s family and friends this journey has been made a lot more tolerable. There have been huge personal contributions made by the CAL4U committee members to organize events with the sole purpose of raising the much needed funds to give Callum as normal a life as possible.  We are overwhelmed by the support Callum has received locally and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their ongoing, much needed, help.” Adrian said.

Thanks to the donations made to the CAL4U fund, one purchase that has been made is for a specialised assisted exercise bike, which he uses on a daily basis to improve muscle tone, circulation and give him an important Cardio Vascular work out. This is preparing Callum for any future developments with Stem Cell research. With the support of Callum’s family and friends this journey has been made a lot more tolerable.

Callum has recently taken delivery of his all-terrain AWD chair, so with the onset of Summer he can now get out and about and follow his passion for BMX and Motocross.

Callum recently went to the USA, where he met up with his new friend Stephen Murray. He got to spend some quality time with Stephen and his carers, and they both attended physio at Next Step in Los Angeles. This is where Callum got to see how they treat spinal injuries over the pond. The trip was a great success all round and Cal responded very well to the treatments, and also got to meet up with Stephen and the crew again at the BMX World Championships at Birmingham, after his US trip ended with the AMA Las Vegas showdown.

2014-2015 Adrenaline junkie Callum makes a return to competitive sport

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